Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of February....

and where has it gone? honestly this month has just flown by.. I feel like I have missed most of it.. We've had a great few days with Chaya.. time to take her back to her mom today.. We've been talking about how she's outgrown most of the toys in her basket for awhile now.. so I spent saturday afternoon washing and combing manes and tails on "My little Ponies" It's funny how every time we bring out a new batch of the kids old toys for her.. how many memories come with them... doesn't seem that long ago since it was a regular thing to be doing..They were a big hit.. as well as the Fisher Price School House..I was worried that it would be boring as you can't give the original little people to someone so small anymore.. but.. no worries.. the Sesame Street figurines went to school no problem.. Cookie Monster needed to learn manners.. and the Count needed She has a great imagination! Isn't this just the cutest little herd? they are all reading Afi's newspaper at the Does anyone remember what set of toys that that bear in the background belonged to? Have been wracking my brain trying to I think there was a lion in the set and the dolls had jewels or something..
Yesterday we baked cookies.. She had no problem cleaning out the bowl....
We're going to have a little family dinner tonight as Shan is leaving again for Taiwan tomorrow.. a few teaching positions came up there and she hasn't found anything here yet..just the wrong time of year.. so sad to see her go again so soon.. but she is looking forward to being warm
I finished some of these little signs before we picked up Chaya.. cute and always popular's 2 sided so you can just flip it over....
I am really stuck on those little dresses... here's a new one.. plus just a doodle one that I was playing with a new tangle I saw on Kit @Dreamscribe called Finny's Florets by Liz... very cool..looks great on the dress..
Thanks to everyone who played along with the award.. I haven't gotten to very many of them yet.. somehow there just isn't any time with a 2 1/2 year old around.. lol
For some reason.. can't get to the bottom of this
oh well.. Hope everyone has a lovely Monday.. thanks for looking..


  1. Oh my Kath, hasn't Chaya grown! Such a cutie!
    Oh what memories, my son was mad about Sesame street when he was a tot! Sorry, I don't recognise the lil bear!
    Love your fun little signs! :)
    Not caught up with you are FB lately, are you still going on there?
    Jan x

  2. It sounds like you had a good time with Chaya...

    Adorable dress! And that sign is fabulous. :D Nice job!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. Thanks Jan... she has.. so much fun.. we need to start playing wordscraper nah don't spend much time on there anymore.. too time consuming and
    Thanks Taylor.. we sure did.. it's always fun.. then Amma needs a long glad you like my signs and tangles...

  4. Ahhhhhh Chaya is sooooo cute! Glad you had a good time!

  5. Hey Kathy,
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    You said you don't know any patterns yet, well check out this site:

  6. Thanks Kelly... lots.. the older she gets the more fun it is...
    Thanks Blue-Bird... will check it out.. and thanks for stopping by mine too..

  7. she is such a cutie, its really great that you get to spend so much time together...

    we still have little ponies here lol
    love your signs and zentangles...

  8. Thanks Jen.. I know I am so lucky that I can spend so much time with her.. lol of course you have they are adorable.. thanks glad you like the signs and tangles..


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