Friday, February 18, 2011

Ta Da!!!!!and the Owoh Winners...

Good morning... Thank you to all the people that came by my blog and liked my art....all your wonderful comments made me smile.. and a special thanks to those who became followers too.. that's exciting.. I had so much fun, saw so much beautiful art and met so many special people. I have a huge list of blogs to revisit now that there is some time.. and a big thank you to everyone that participated..
Thank you too to Lisa Swifka for putting on such a fantastic event.. Check out her blog to see what's coming up next year...
I used the Random.Org to generate the winners...
1st ...#133... so the winner is...Sean from Sevenfoot Under that was entering on behalf of his daughter Melanie who recently lost everything in a fire.. Congrats!
2nd....#7   and the winner is Sharon from My StoryArt.. which is just too funny because I won her
Congrats Sharon...
I hope you both enjoy your winnings and have emailed you both.  I will get them mailed out as soon as I have your addresses.
Hope everyone has a lovely day.. it's still nasty here.. snow, blowing snow.. blizzard like conditions..and soooo Cold! those few days of spring like weather were such a but it  makes you thankful for a warm house and being able to stay home


  1. Congrats to the winners! Congrats on your win too! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. A big thank you Kathy! This is so cool... I coveted that Paris canvas and ta da I won it! You did such a lovely job on it. Woo Hoo...


  3. Congratulations to the winners !!!!

  4. Oh Kath, nice that you can stay indoors today... sounds cold over there...
    Big congrats to the lucky winners and to you too on your win... OWOH was a blast... I just loved it... I've won some things too which I am just thrilled about...

    Jenny x

  5. Thanks sorry I couldn't give more away.. would have liked to give everyone
    Amy.. I couldn't post anything on your blog.. what did I miss? so not good at
    I'm glad you are happy Sharon.. nice to know it's going to be
    thanks Jen ..yours were pretty lucky too.. was keeping my fingers crossed.. lol
    Hi Jenny.. it is cold but the blizzard is over.. didn't even poke my head out the door..and planning on keeping it in till it warms up some..
    I had such a great time.. I won some things too .. like Sharon's pendant and earrings.. am so excited..

  6. CoNGRATS!! Kathy come see the top few posts on my blog :)

  7. Thanks Susan.. I did.. and thank you for picking me for a set of your cards...


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