Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday again? already?

I can't believe how fast these days are flying by.. here it is saturday again.. It's been a crazy week.. beautiful spring like weather.. then a wicked blizzard, such high winds thought the roof was leaving.. not much snow but what did fall made for 0 visibility out there.. so now it's just cold again.. which..I guess is better than the last couple of days...
I had painted 2 canvasses with the red and gold that I used for the Paris one so this is what I did with the second one..I love anything Asian.. the gold looks brighter on here than it does on the actual canvas.
I did have some time to do my tangle this week for I am the Diva's challenge ..I got a little carried away.. I think my fav is the one that I did on the ATC card though..
I have been painting .. but not nearly enough to get ready for that spring sale... but here's a little wooden shelf that I finished up with a Terrye French pattern.
I have been applying for jobs when ever anything comes up around here but found out that I didn't get either of the ones I had applied for last week.. not much comes up around here in the way of jobs so was very disappointed. When the OWOH ended though I was so excited.. I won some great prizes... it sure did help getting over the job So thank you to all that picked my name.. it made my day! I hardly ever win anything and am almost embarrassed that I won so many times.. but not enough to not do a happy dance and a huge Whooo HOOOOO!!!! and an even bigger Thank you!!!!!
Thank you Saskia at Lusaro-Snippers for picking my name for your cute stamps and paper.. can never have enough of
Thank you Sharon  at My Story Art.. I was thrilled to win your Inukshuk earrings and pendant... they are gorgeous!
Thank you too Craftgrany's for the lovely collage sheets.. I have already printed them out and am playing with them...
Thank you to Jo at My Paper Playhouse for her gorgeous cards.. when I entered her draw I so loved the little spools but saw one card that I thought my girlfriend would so love for her b-day.. which she will now
Thank you Bessie & Bea at Creative Sandwich for the lovely messy date stamps.. they are adorable.. can hardly wait to play with them..
Then Alana at Witchylana picked my name for her gorgeous dragon bead.. her work is amazing.. I love dragons and that bead is fantastic...
Then this morning I got a message from Susan at Pieces of Fate and she had decided to pick more names and I won a set of her beautiful cards...thank you ...
I feel so blessed at having met so many wonderful people and winning so many lovely prizes.. I am so looking forward to getting to know you all better.
Well this post sure ended up long enough.sorry.... my princess is coming out today and so are my kids.. My wonderful father in law that cuts and makes so many of my wood surfaces will be 80 tomorrow and we're having a family dinner and ice cream cake.. his
 Hope you all have a lovely weekend..thanks for stopping by and I hope I didn't bore


  1. Happy Birthday to your father in law! Gorgeous work, Kathy- have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, you are so lucky! I can't believe you won so many fantastic things! I won a beautiful piece of art too, a painting of the Eiffel Tower. Can't wait to get and put it in a frame. Enjoy your Saturday!

  3. Thanks so much Forest Fairy.. hope you have a great weekend too.. it's snowing here
    I know Andrea.. I couldn't believe it.. so does not usually happen.. so I went and bought a 649 ticket too .. just in
    oooh that would be a beautiful one to win.. I love that Eiffel tower..have a great weekend too..

  4. wow 7 prizes, you lucky ducky :)

    love your canvas Kath, you selling these? the zentangling looks wonderful, you do it so well...hope the blizzard has stopped now and its sunny days ahead....

  5. wow - you have done well on the winning prizes front! Love your work, and I do hope your job hunting goes well.


  6. Oh Kath, how lucky are you... just wonderful...
    Gosh I love the shelf you painted... and your canvas is gorgeous... am sure something will turn up on the job front... I'm having a change too... resigned last week and looking forward to new beginnings...

    Jenny x

  7. Congratulations to all the winners.

    I just stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog during owoh. I have uploaded an altered angel image to my blog. It is a sweet image so feel free to come by and grab it - then maybe make something pretty with her.

    Thanks again for visiting my little place on the web during the OWOH event.


  8. Lovely work and congrats on your wins and sharing them! I enjoyed the tour and meeting new blog friends like yourself!

    Hugs and have a shiny weekend!

  9. first of all Wow on that canvas. You KNOW I love it. Your tangles are even more WOW, no patience for that I have to say.
    Lucky you 7 prizes and those Inukshuk earrings are really nice, you lucky girl.
    I won a couple things. Sure was fun wasn't it?
    Enjoy your winnings and love your latest shelf.
    Happy birthday to FIL. Let him eat Cake....LOL

  10. Thanks Jen.. yes I think I will put them up on Etsy.. more snow on the way.. arghhhh so ready for spring..
    Thanks Jenny.. glad you like the shelf.. good luck am sure you will do great being out of there..
    Thanks Amelia.. I hope so too.. getting scary around yes.. was so excited about winning such beautiful prizes..
    Thanks Connie for stopping by and that image was gorgeous...
    Hi Kim.. yes it was fun wasn't it.. was lovely to meet you as well...
    ahhhh Les. I knew you'd love it.. lol.. thanks .. love the tangling too.. course I get involved and don't do things I should be doing.. glad you won something too.. we had a lovely b-day day!!
    thanks everyone for the stopping by...


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