Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a beautiful sunday morning....

Hi if you're looking for the OWOH post.. Click Here..
It is beautiful outside.. -3c.. only problem is that when you hear your town's name on the weather channel ... oh oh! 2-4 cm of snow.. they might really mean Hope they are wrong as usual..
I have been painting but am soooo slow at it.. this time of year always enforces the fact that I do work better under pressure.. lol.. and my first show isn't till april.. so obviously not feeling alot of pressure just yet..
I listed this on Etsy yesterday.. makes me smile to just look at it.. ahhhh the thot of spring... can hardly wait..I don't know how to put my Etsy on my blog.. if anyone can tell me I'd soooo appreciate it...this is a Monika Brint pattern..I love her bunnies almost as much as her snowmen...

This is my youngest daughter Shannon and our dog Callie.. Shan was out for a visit last week.. which was wonderful..great chance to catch up.. She taught in Taiwan for 15 months and just got home in time for Christmas..I missed her so much.. amazing though how easy it was to keep in touch while she was gone.. so much easier than when my older daughter was in Thailand or China a few years ago.
Anyways.. should get something done.. have been working on a mixed media piece forever.. I finally got a tape transfer to work for me.. and don't think I can use it on it now.. it really doesn't show up..doesn't that just figure? lol But hopefully get it finished today..
Have a lovely sunday.. thanks for stopping by...


  1. I love the bunnies! Your daughter sure doees look a lot like you.
    It's snowing like crazy here. We're closing in quickly on 2 inches.
    A stay at home and craft day. There's nothing wrong with that.
    Where is the show you are doing in April. I'd really like to own a piece of your work.

  2. Hi Andrea..thanks. love them too..really? I've never thot that.. she's kinda got a goofy smile on her there.. yuck hey.. more snow is sooo not It's been snowing most of the day here too.. but was mild.. now it's blowing like crazy and cold.. icy everywhere.. The show is in Wpg on April the Springs Christian Academy..
    I have some things on Etsy.. most of my pics of things right now are on Facebook..are you on there? I'm trying to get them moved to photobucket to put on here..
    Just let me know if there's something you like.. we can work it out.. just wait till you see what I post tomorrow.. turned out soooo
    Have a great evening..xx


    This is my business Facebook page. What's yours?
    I found you on Etsy. Have you done a big show before? I'm thinking about it, but am a bit overwhelmed by it.
    I'll definitely be watching for the perfect piece. How often do you post on Etsy?

  4. I found your page and liked you so you have my link now.. yes I do the Signatures shows in Winnipeg and Regina..haven't ventured to Edmonton as too chicken..You should give it a try.. your jewelry is will probably be surprised.. I know it's scary though.. there are tons of things I should put up on etsy.. figuring the postage always throws me off.. but decided I am just going to put them up over the next couple of weeks.. and figure it out as I go..and hope that works! lol that'll be great...whenever you do.. just let me know..

  5. Wow this is darn cute. I love how you made it a welcome sign. Something about those silly wabbits. LOL
    Happy painting and altering Kath

  6. What a great pic of Shannon and Callie! Your girls are such world travelers, fantastic. Love those hoppy bunnies. :)

  7. Thanks Anne... yup taking off again soon.. sigh...

  8. Greetings!
    I LOVE Zentangle too!
    Only just found out about it recently.
    You do such lovely work...Love, love, love the bunnies


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