Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of February....

and where has it gone? honestly this month has just flown by.. I feel like I have missed most of it.. We've had a great few days with Chaya.. time to take her back to her mom today.. We've been talking about how she's outgrown most of the toys in her basket for awhile now.. so I spent saturday afternoon washing and combing manes and tails on "My little Ponies" It's funny how every time we bring out a new batch of the kids old toys for her.. how many memories come with them... doesn't seem that long ago since it was a regular thing to be doing..They were a big hit.. as well as the Fisher Price School House..I was worried that it would be boring as you can't give the original little people to someone so small anymore.. but.. no worries.. the Sesame Street figurines went to school no problem.. Cookie Monster needed to learn manners.. and the Count needed She has a great imagination! Isn't this just the cutest little herd? they are all reading Afi's newspaper at the Does anyone remember what set of toys that that bear in the background belonged to? Have been wracking my brain trying to I think there was a lion in the set and the dolls had jewels or something..
Yesterday we baked cookies.. She had no problem cleaning out the bowl....
We're going to have a little family dinner tonight as Shan is leaving again for Taiwan tomorrow.. a few teaching positions came up there and she hasn't found anything here yet..just the wrong time of year.. so sad to see her go again so soon.. but she is looking forward to being warm
I finished some of these little signs before we picked up Chaya.. cute and always popular's 2 sided so you can just flip it over....
I am really stuck on those little dresses... here's a new one.. plus just a doodle one that I was playing with a new tangle I saw on Kit @Dreamscribe called Finny's Florets by Liz... very cool..looks great on the dress..
Thanks to everyone who played along with the award.. I haven't gotten to very many of them yet.. somehow there just isn't any time with a 2 1/2 year old around.. lol
For some reason.. can't get to the bottom of this
oh well.. Hope everyone has a lovely Monday.. thanks for looking..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you ..

Well I did try and stay off here all day.. and I must say I got alot accomplished.. wasn't going to do a post either until I saw the award that I got... Thank you Taylor , The Forest Fairy for my very first blogger should have something more to say or show tomorrow.. off to pick up Chaya for the weekend.. loving it!
Now onto the rest of it...

Here are the guidelines:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award ten recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award, and let the giver know you accept the award.
 So 7 things about me....I think this will be harder than I

1. I am an Amma (which is Icelandic for grandma) and I think it's the best thing ever...would love a few
2. I love painting..& quilling..
3. music.. must have music...
4. I just love paper and altered art
5. I procrastinate alot.. especially when it comes to Etsy
6. I try to recycle/repurpose as much as I can
7. I grew up in the city but have loved living out here on the farm for all these years..

Blogs I have discovered.. or discovered me and I would like to give the Award to as well....
1. A Simpler Life
2. Fantail Digital Art
3.My Everything Corner
4.The Creative Chook
5.Kit @Dreamscribe
6.My Hiding  Place in Cyberspace
7. Rossylalah
9. Harmony Road Studio
10. Jenxo
Ok so not all of them are new but now just left to contact them .. this has pretty much taken me all day to finish... 
Thanks again Taylor.. xx
Hope everyone has a lovely evening.. and a great night.. 
cya tomorrow..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This and that....

Morning... couldn't get any muses going to write the last couple of days.. think they are We had a lovely birthday day on sunday.. was good to have the kids all home.. had a ball with Chaya.. and realized how lucky I am to still have my in laws. Now Chaya has hair just like her mom did.. and Sheila is always saying that I never take pics of how Chaya's hair looks like I did hers.. so here.. wouldn't you love this in the morning? lol imagine combing that..
I did finish off a couple of oil and vinegar bottles for a girl.. to match her prim kitchen...

but with the cold and wind lately.. it's been a tangly kind of week... The theme for a swap Im doing this month was dresses and somehow cuddling under that blanket.. here are my Tangly Dresses.... hope they like them..can you tell I wanted to be a dress designer when I was a kid.. this was soooo much fun... I did do more of
The challenge this week is The space in the I am the diva  so here's my card for's hard to leave spaces.. want to fill everything in..
I love that Monday was a holiday but it sure makes the week short.. have been feeling a day behind all week.. lots of things on the table to finish up.. so with that thought.. I should get off this computer and get something done.. Hope you have a lovely wednesday.. and thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday again? already?

I can't believe how fast these days are flying by.. here it is saturday again.. It's been a crazy week.. beautiful spring like weather.. then a wicked blizzard, such high winds thought the roof was leaving.. not much snow but what did fall made for 0 visibility out there.. so now it's just cold again.. which..I guess is better than the last couple of days...
I had painted 2 canvasses with the red and gold that I used for the Paris one so this is what I did with the second one..I love anything Asian.. the gold looks brighter on here than it does on the actual canvas.
I did have some time to do my tangle this week for I am the Diva's challenge ..I got a little carried away.. I think my fav is the one that I did on the ATC card though..
I have been painting .. but not nearly enough to get ready for that spring sale... but here's a little wooden shelf that I finished up with a Terrye French pattern.
I have been applying for jobs when ever anything comes up around here but found out that I didn't get either of the ones I had applied for last week.. not much comes up around here in the way of jobs so was very disappointed. When the OWOH ended though I was so excited.. I won some great prizes... it sure did help getting over the job So thank you to all that picked my name.. it made my day! I hardly ever win anything and am almost embarrassed that I won so many times.. but not enough to not do a happy dance and a huge Whooo HOOOOO!!!! and an even bigger Thank you!!!!!
Thank you Saskia at Lusaro-Snippers for picking my name for your cute stamps and paper.. can never have enough of
Thank you Sharon  at My Story Art.. I was thrilled to win your Inukshuk earrings and pendant... they are gorgeous!
Thank you too Craftgrany's for the lovely collage sheets.. I have already printed them out and am playing with them...
Thank you to Jo at My Paper Playhouse for her gorgeous cards.. when I entered her draw I so loved the little spools but saw one card that I thought my girlfriend would so love for her b-day.. which she will now
Thank you Bessie & Bea at Creative Sandwich for the lovely messy date stamps.. they are adorable.. can hardly wait to play with them..
Then Alana at Witchylana picked my name for her gorgeous dragon bead.. her work is amazing.. I love dragons and that bead is fantastic...
Then this morning I got a message from Susan at Pieces of Fate and she had decided to pick more names and I won a set of her beautiful cards...thank you ...
I feel so blessed at having met so many wonderful people and winning so many lovely prizes.. I am so looking forward to getting to know you all better.
Well this post sure ended up long enough.sorry.... my princess is coming out today and so are my kids.. My wonderful father in law that cuts and makes so many of my wood surfaces will be 80 tomorrow and we're having a family dinner and ice cream cake.. his
 Hope you all have a lovely weekend..thanks for stopping by and I hope I didn't bore

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ta Da!!!!!and the Owoh Winners...

Good morning... Thank you to all the people that came by my blog and liked my art....all your wonderful comments made me smile.. and a special thanks to those who became followers too.. that's exciting.. I had so much fun, saw so much beautiful art and met so many special people. I have a huge list of blogs to revisit now that there is some time.. and a big thank you to everyone that participated..
Thank you too to Lisa Swifka for putting on such a fantastic event.. Check out her blog to see what's coming up next year...
I used the Random.Org to generate the winners...
1st ...#133... so the winner is...Sean from Sevenfoot Under that was entering on behalf of his daughter Melanie who recently lost everything in a fire.. Congrats!
2nd....#7   and the winner is Sharon from My StoryArt.. which is just too funny because I won her
Congrats Sharon...
I hope you both enjoy your winnings and have emailed you both.  I will get them mailed out as soon as I have your addresses.
Hope everyone has a lovely day.. it's still nasty here.. snow, blowing snow.. blizzard like conditions..and soooo Cold! those few days of spring like weather were such a but it  makes you thankful for a warm house and being able to stay home

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good morning! I love Valentine's Day.. especially the chocolate.. lol Ta Da.. I finished my second canvas.. this one is 6x8" and I did the credit card paint background in reds and gold.. toned down with a walnut stain.. I found this lovely picture of the Eiffel tower at Fantail Digital Art and just knew I had to have it for this.. Am very happy with it.. after doing mostly ATC's find such a big space a little daunting to start with.. but think I could really get into

I love this time of year for painting.. yes ok I'm slow but with some time to think about treasures in the stash that I didn't know what to do with.. sometimes things just work... I have a few of these little napkin holders with the salt and pepper shakers.. had to pick them up but had no clue what to do with them.. but here's what I came up with.. and I think they are just tooooo cute..
Don't the little houses just look nestled in the trees? lol
I was so excited yesterday.. got another sale on my Etsy store.. for one of those Just Breathe signs.. too cool... it's on my list today to put up some of those wedding cards that I finished.. yes I have a list.. actually 2.. can't live without them.. I'd never get anything done.. or remember half of
Hope everyone has a lovely day.. thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a beautiful sunday morning....

Hi if you're looking for the OWOH post.. Click Here..
It is beautiful outside.. -3c.. only problem is that when you hear your town's name on the weather channel ... oh oh! 2-4 cm of snow.. they might really mean Hope they are wrong as usual..
I have been painting but am soooo slow at it.. this time of year always enforces the fact that I do work better under pressure.. lol.. and my first show isn't till april.. so obviously not feeling alot of pressure just yet..
I listed this on Etsy yesterday.. makes me smile to just look at it.. ahhhh the thot of spring... can hardly wait..I don't know how to put my Etsy on my blog.. if anyone can tell me I'd soooo appreciate it...this is a Monika Brint pattern..I love her bunnies almost as much as her snowmen...

This is my youngest daughter Shannon and our dog Callie.. Shan was out for a visit last week.. which was wonderful..great chance to catch up.. She taught in Taiwan for 15 months and just got home in time for Christmas..I missed her so much.. amazing though how easy it was to keep in touch while she was gone.. so much easier than when my older daughter was in Thailand or China a few years ago.
Anyways.. should get something done.. have been working on a mixed media piece forever.. I finally got a tape transfer to work for me.. and don't think I can use it on it now.. it really doesn't show up..doesn't that just figure? lol But hopefully get it finished today..
Have a lovely sunday.. thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's cold but sunny.. can live with that.. plus there's no
I had a lovely day in Wpg.. saw both my girls and my granddaughter.. got the kitty cats dropped off.. had a lovely lunch out and even got to Michael's.. so I now own more
Here's a pic of the Kitty cats.. It's a Di Hiller pattern.. I love her cat and dog patterns..  she has alot of different patterns.. if you haven't seen them.. you should take a look.. they are all too cute...
I've been doing some tangling too while watching tv.. I had seen some that were colored .. not sure what was used but I used my watercolor pencils.. this one is for the challenge to make a heart using 2 of the previous challenges so I used 2 pencil string and the Ixorus ones.. The second one was just for fun and using the same two but no heart...
And a Prim wine bottle finished.. why is the best picture always the one you cut off? lol
I'm working on some spring things.. hopefully get something finished today..
Thank you  for stopping by.. Hope you have a lovely day..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday again...

Good frosty morning... if you're here for the One Heart One World post please click here. I couldn't get it to stay as the first post sorry.
I baked yesterday... not because I wanted to but because my house smelled so good.. and some peeps were so excited about it.. but baking manilla tags with coffee/vanilla and cinnamon doesn't cut   So I tried this recipe that a girlfriend gave me.. soooo good and so easy.. don't even know what it's called but if you like chewy chocolatey anything.. this is for you.... 2 cups of graham wafer crumbs, 1 can of condensed milk, 1 tsp of baking powder, pinch of salt and chocolate chips of course... I will leave that to your discretion.. my theory is always the more the better..(there is no such thing as too much chocolate) Bake at 350 for about 30-35 min...ooh and in a 9x9 pan
I did finish a jug and a wine bottle and got an order for three more kitty cats which I need to finish today. Here's the the sunflowers's based on a Terrye French design. and one more thing out of the stash.. which honestly you can't even

I'm supposed to be making cards for a Spring theme swap.. totally stumped but this little altoid tin turned out kinda cute.. having problems focusing on just one thing.. can you tell? lol
I have a show in April.. and 2 galleries that I put things in and it's wedding season so have started on some cards for that... I love how pretty the quilling makes an ordinary card.. will just show you one.. I have  a couple done in greens, pinks and purples so far...
Well those cats have to be ready to head into Winnipeg in the morning.. they are Valentine's day presents and I'm not sure when I'll be going in again.. so off to work..
Hope everyone has a lovely day.. thanks so much for stopping by..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Saturday Morning!!!

Well it's been a couple of crazy days weather wise.. gone from -40c something to +3c.. so of course it rained.. ooh it is slippery out there.. now they are calling for snow.. lol.. Have been trying to remember a joke for the past couple of days.. (am not great at remembering jokes by the way).... it is something like if you wore your parka, had to find your umbrella and wore a t-shirt outside in one day .. you probably live in Manitoba.. you get the gist right? lol
I don't know how to keep the OWOH post at the top so if you're stopping by to enter that.. you'll have to scroll down..sorry... I am having so much fun.. there is so much talent and creativity out there..there's so many that I will have to get back to when this whirlwind finishes...
I have been painting some .. if nothing else the weather is perfect for so here's a couple of things I finished up..
It's a monkey pod dish I love the 2 hearts.. it will hang on the wall..just had it in the stand for the pic..
and I love painting milk bottles especially the round ones but they are so hard to find now.... all 3 sides.. lol

Then last but not least I did my tangle challenge for this week.. It was Breathe.. I had alot of trouble coming up with something for it.. wanted something flowy and airy.. but am happy with it.. except the pic looks kinda pale and grainy..
Thanks for popping by.. hope everyone has a lovely saturday.. off the computer now and time to power paint...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One World One Heart

It's One World One Heart 2011 time.. I am so excited to be able to participate in it this year. It's a meeting of the blogging community from all over the world. A chance to meet other bloggers and make new friends. Each blog is having a giveaway that will run from January 30 - February 17, 2011 at which time all the draws are made. This event has been running for 5 years and although sad it is the last one I am very happy to be able to participate this time.. I can only imagine how much work it is for Lisa Swifka from A Whimsical Bohemian. Thank you so much..For more information on this wonderful event.. click either the logo or Lisa's link above.

Welcome.... I'm a folkart painter first and have been for years.. I do alot of craft sales and shows in and around Manitoba, Canada. (Which by the way is -43c this morning with the wind chill..brrrrr)
I discovered prim and upcycling and haven't looked back. I love to turn something unwanted into something useful and pretty again. My Mom introduced me to  Quilling, the art of Paper Filigree and with it came my love for all things paper.. which has led me into ATC's and mixed media art.  I had a hard time deciding what to use for my giveaway so have picked two you will have 2 chances to win...
This is a handpainted 5x7 canvas with my favorite saltbox house, sheep and willow tree on it. with "Live Simply" a rule that I am trying to live by. It has a jute hanger but could easily be framed if that's what you wanted to do with it if you won.
The second giveaway is my first ever altered art larger canvas.. The background is done in a brayered paint style with various shades of whites and the lace is incorporated right into the paint.. tea stained lace and flowers added. This is a 5x7 canvas and has a ribbon hanger on the back.

I'm opening my giveaway to both bloggers and non bloggers with thanks to all the wonderful bloggers that I discovered in this event before I had a blog and that I still follow today... Just make sure you leave an email address that I can contact you at if you win...
I am so looking forward to meeting you and seeing what you are up to, and visiting as many blogs as I can.
Please leave your comment under this post only and only 1 comment per person please.  I will announce the winners on February 18th.. my
Good luck!