Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catch up Saturday!

Good morning.. I checked first to see if I could load a pic... yay!!! here's one of my first ATC's done on the tin foil and inks background again...second card ..done on the pattern paper again....
I did get my challenge done for I am the Diva..probably could have been curvier but....
And then the mini challenge with Laura's new tangle.. it.. can see using this one a lot...
These are some of the signs I have been working on this week for the spring sales... some on canvas and some on wood..some with lighthouses..some for the garden .but all done with a sponge...

Think that is it.. it took so long for that last one to load... better not push last night the internet wasn't working at all ... It's off to work again's been a crazy week changing every price tag in the store.. now to get to the 9 palettes of freight today before any more comes in... should be fun!! Then Miss Chaya is coming out tonight till tuesday..which will be fun fun fun!!!! can hardly wait to see her...The prediction for tomorrow is more snow.. hope they are wrong... it's April already!!
Thanks for stopping by.. hope you have a loverly weekend....


  1. The ATC's are adorable!! Love them :) And the mini challenge is really cool! Great job :)
    *hugs* and a happy weekend!!
    Jordan @ Rainbow Veins

  2. I am LOVING the ATCs! Great job!

    Have fun with Chaya! :D

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. Wow, so much to see! Your tangle is great and ATC's are very sweet. Your signage makes me look forward to summer.

  4. I love your ATC's. I think I need you to tell me your secrets to make the tinfoil background. I just love that. Hope the snow bypasses you and you have a lovely weekend!

  5. ooh you are back to making atcs, them and your zentangles , have a good day with Chaya too...9 pallets of stock, you go girl....not more snow...roll on summer...

  6. Hey there girlie, sorry internet was down, that is a real drag.
    You can keep the snow. Have fun with Chaya and I love the ATC's. Of course you know which one I like but they are both equally good. Is that alcohol ink you used on the foil or inks from markers? Deets I need deets.
    Have a good weekend.

  7. Glad to see you back... again! ;) The ATCs are gorgeous, and I love that sign!

  8. Thanks for all the comments.. and sorry so slow getting back.. the internet went out for a couple of days completely.. glad you all like the ATC's ..good to be doing them again...
    will catch up better


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