Saturday, April 16, 2011


That is pretty much all I have to say this morning... just wanted to show you what I woke up to...
It's a good 3 or more inches of snow.. I guess should be happy it wasn't a foot of it but really???? lol
Off to get ready for work.. just thought I'd share this... Have a lovely day!


  1. Eek, NO FUN!!! Isn't it time for spring, already?!

  2. I thought it was too Taylor.. most of it melted but it is still snowing off and on.. crazy Manitoba weather!!! lol
    I sooooo hear you Kelly.. enough already! lol

  3. aww hugs....have a good day at work....

  4. Lol ~ looks like my finger crossing didn't do the trick! I guess since it's there, you can still try and admire the beauty... or maybe not at this point! :)Just keep repeating "warm weather is coming, warm weather is coming" :)

  5. Thanks Jen..still cold but it has stopped finally..
    I know Melinda.. the picture was nice.. not so much am repeating that over and over.. even the geese were huddled.. wonder what they were thinking?? lol

  6. Hi Kathy I just realised that I'm shipping my travelling sketch book to you first! How exciting! :0) I've got to do my sign in page and I'm ready to go! Looking forward to seeing what you add to my book :0) Hope you're not too cold over there! :0) x

  7. oh you poor thing. I hope that white stuff is gone by now!

  8. Hi Nicola.. very cool.. can hardly wait to see your book.. nah minorly cold.. lol just waiting for some sun...
    Most of it is gone Jaime.. but still seeing the odd snowflake here and there.. very weird... no clouds but snowflakes..???? lol


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