Monday, April 25, 2011


Good Monday morning.. is there really such a thing? lol I was just outside.. listening to the geese, the cranes and the birds... very noisy morning... everyone has alot to say... and guess what I saw?????? yup SNOWFLAKES!! yup that's right.. ugh.... so not what you want to see after such a lovely day yesterday.. I'm sure they won't stay.... they just can'
We had a fun day yesterday.. before we went for dinner we drove down to Lake Winnipeg to see if there's any water showing yet.. in the distance you can see a little open water but not much yet.. the open water around the edge is more from the ditches than actual melting...soon though hopefully...
so pretty much ice and snow as far as you can see... I love it when the ice starts to move and heave.. but never seem to be down there to get a good picture when it happens...
The Easter hunt was fun.. not so much chocolate as toys... etc great new Mickey Mouse pail and bubble soap everywhere lol ..dinner was lovely as usual.. the new Bbq meatballs recipe is a keeper..
I've made a good dent in the books in a short time.. and working on an order to be picked up on wed.. and I got some absolutely awesome collage sheets to play with from Cemerony.. they are gorgeous..
Hope to get another couple of bowls finished before the weekend.. I don't usually paint the insides because then you need to put a cloth  inside so there's no direct contact with food  but the inside of this one needed sanding and didn't look so great..but was a perfect shape...
Off to work late shift today.. weird I never work mondays.. lol so should go and get something accomplished before I go...
Hope everyone has a lovely day.. even if it is thanks for stopping by ..
P.S. check out this great giveaway on All Things Paper... I am sooooooo wanting Just think of what you could do with these.. Ann  has some fantastic examples to show you...


  1. Glad that you had a nice Easter holiday. I went to college on the shore of Lake Superior, and the ice was always just beginning to break apart when I was heading home for the summer. Its pretty amazing to watch.

    That bowl is gorgeous and I love the added painting on the inside.

  2. A good Monday morning is like a Transit of Venus: Maybe every 122 years, LOL!

  3. I'm glad your Easter went well! But more snow?! I bet you're dying for spring by this point... you'll definitely appreciate it when it comes and stays for good! :)

  4. Thanks Brandy..glad you like the bowl.. sheep are popular... yes it is amazing to see.. a couple of years ago there was a 20ft heap on the shore in a town south of us.. couldn't make it down there but did see pics.. so cool...
    lol yeah I think that's about it.. 122 years sounds right...
    Oh Taylor.. you have no idea.. at least it didn't make the ground white.. but didn't warm up like they said either...good day to go to

  5. Snow oh no! I bet you are just about done with that weather! Cute Blog, I am your newest follower, stop on over sometime and say hi! oxox, Diane

  6. Hi Kathy,

    Hope your snowfall stopped! There is a small lake in a park close by to where we live and this time of year we often see (and hear) Canadian Geese flying overhead - they always make me laugh!

    Lake Winnipeg looks amazing, must be a wonderful sight to behold!

    What a cutie the little girl looks - what beautiful hair! She look like she means business hunting out those Easter eggs and toys!

    Your painted bowl looks lovely!

    Best wishes, Sherry x

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog Kathy!! Glad you did as I am now following yours...:) Have a wonderful day!

  8. Kathy, I'm in love with that bowl, it's fantastic! :) Every passing day brings you one step closer to warm weather and the END of snowflakes! :)

  9. I like Monday mornings, its the start of something new, you never know what is going to happen during the week. As for the lake, WOW! Glad you had a nice day on Sunday, hope everything went well with various characters. xx

  10. Hi Kath, Oooh that water gives me the chills, but that's Canada, ay:)
    What an adorable lil redhead. I'll bet she's a charmer.
    Neat paint job on your bowl:)

  11. Hi Diane.. thanks so much for becoming a follower.. will definitely check yours out too..yup the weather is just depressing.. no ifs ands or buts about
    Thanks Sherry.. yes it is beautiful.. and big.. and those geese are so noisy!!yes it only lasted till around lunchtime.. thank goodness.. glad you like the bowl.. and yup she is a sweetie...
    Thanks Jody.. glad you are following mine too..
    I'm so glad you like the bowl Melinda.. Bowls are my fav thing to paint.. they always look so much nicer than when I got them.. I think so yes.. one more day closer...
    Hi Rosie.. I guess that's a good way of looking at it.. it's just scary when it starts off bad and... then you wonder about the rest of the
    Thanks Carol.. it's definitely cold.. but beautiful when it thaws out.. glad you like the bowl... she is.. even though we're starting the horrible
    thanks everyone..


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