Friday, April 1, 2011

Yay!! I have internet again!! or not!

Good morning.. I started a post on Wednesday but realized that my internet was so bad I couldn't load anything..very frustrating to say the least.. the good side was that I had to go to work.. so didn't bother me too much.. working again today and tomorrow.. 4 days this week!! My legs actually feel not too bad so must be getting used to it.. Now.. you think with working so much I would be getting more organized... not hopefully that will kick in soon...
Painting has not been going well.. can't seem to settle to do anything.. and when I did.. mucked things up so it's on hold for a few days now...I did play abit with paper.. and traded some of the last cards so looking forward to some fun mail...Did you notice I got my Flickr button up??? I was so proud of next will try the Facebook one..
Here's a couple of cards...
or not.. grrrrrr.. still can't load a just keeps loading and loading.. sigh...hope it's just the internet not co-operating cuz have no clue if it's something on
Well.. I guess will try again tomorrow..
Hope everyone has a lovely you know that I am alive
P.S. I forgot to mention that it snowed a lot yesterday and it's snowing again this morning????  Happy spring!! lol


  1. Eek, that stinks about your internet!!! That must be SO annoying, I hate when things don't work.

    We got some snow, too, but just a little. Thank goodness! I'm kind of ready for spring at this point though, so... let's hope it melts quickly!

  2. Glad to see you back... kind of! ;) Good luck figuring out the internet issue, what a pain!

  3. Sorry about the internet troubles :S Hope everything fixes itself soon!! ;)
    Jordan @ Rainbow Veins

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  5. Morning Taylor.. thanks it is so annoying.. always seems like it happens when you have things you really want to looked like a full blown winter day here.. and they are calling for more.. sigh... winter so needs to be over!!
    Thanks Melinda.. it's a problem with the tower.. figured if I got on early might have a chance before every one else was it was slow but it did work...
    Thanks Jordan.. hopefully this will end soon.. too frustrating..
    I haven't been able to load blogs or anything to see what you all have been up to either.. had to delete my post.. apparently spelling isn't my forte in the early hope you all have a lovely "Spring" day.. xx

  6. LOL. Yes, I'm thinking winter kinda DOES need to be over at this point... :)


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