Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nice to be back...

Well so much for internet.. was completely out for a few days.. so am very far behind on everything here..and I work the next few days,  But we had a lovely time with Afi went out and shoveled all the snow around the swing set so she could have her first swing of the year..
think I need to fix the date on my camera though... wonder why it changes the date on it's own all the
I have my first show this saturday.. it's a small local one but am still trying to get some springy/summery type things done. and need to pack up what I am going to take with me. I need a verse for a lighthouse painting I did.. somehow the ones I usually use don't seem to fit it very well... any thoughts would be
I did get a lovely surprise the other day though.. a friend happened to hit a thrift shop after he was at a meeting and look what he brought me....

so many skates... so little can hardly wait to start basecoating and painting them...I so need more room to
Just in case you've never seen my painted skates.. here's a pic...
and the other side....

I am a little nervous about starting my art journal.. for the Travelling Sistah's group as I have never done one before.. and it's supposed to be about me.. drawing a total blank.... hope some inspiration comes soon..
Anyways.. should get to something.. I work 2 - 9:30 tonight.. does not sound like fun...
Thanks for stopping by.. hope you have a loverly day! It is sunny here and supposed to be +6c... whooo hooooo!!!!


  1. Beautiful Chaya! What a cutie-pie with such a sweet little face. I really love your painted skates - they are the perfect winter accessory for the whole season, not just Christmas-time!

  2. Oh Chaya looks so happy on the swing! Love the tongue sticking out!

    First show this saturday? Hope it all goes well duck.

    Rosie xx

  3. aw, how cute Chaya looks and your skate is gorgeous! You've got your work cut out for you with the box full!

  4. It looks like Chaya had fun... but it's too bad you've still got snow. :/

    Welcome back to the internet, it seems like I haven't "seen" you in ages!

  5. What a precious girl you have there...but you already know that...Love her sweet rosey cheeks!

    Your painted skates are fabulous Kath...what a'll be painting up a storm...I bet people will lap them up

    Best of luck at your show...hope springtime finds you soon

  6. I have never seen your skates! How great are they?!!! I am now re-thinking my old old roller skates in the basement...hmmm.

    Oh my Chaya is a total doll face, what a sweetheart! I'm sure you'll come up with something fabulous for the book ;)

    how about this: Your love is the beacon of my heart.

  7. I LOVE your skates what a fabulous idea- and I bet they are so popular there!
    I've never done an art journal either- I'm just planning to try new techniques as I go, maybe do an art journal with sketches FOR the traveling journal....? Anyway, fear not, we're all in this together :)
    Oh the other thing I did (not that you need my help- I just get rambly at times:)) was a Google image search of art journal pages to get an idea of what style *I* like and feel inspired by.
    Have a beautiful day!

  8. So glad you're back! :) That skate is fabulous, what an inspiried idea! No shortage of skates now... ;) Wishing you great success at the show!

  9. Thanks Christina.. lol am a little biased but do think she's the cutest... yes the skates work all winter.. and are very popular.. painted 66 of them last year...look great hanging on your door..
    Thanks Rosie...just need some time to at least pack this
    Thanks Ann.. yes.. it will be a job to get them done..
    Hi Taylor.. thanks.. yes it seems like forever doesn't it? did you post on your new blog yet? yay! first follower
    aww thanks Patty.. they were popular, hope they are again this and she is wonderful.. that's the only thing about working again.. can't pick and choose when I see her anymore...
    ooh that's a great saying Jaime.. will keep it in girlfriend came up with Life's better at the Lake so did that on them.. roller skates?? that would be very cool.. you should paint's the time thing right now.. there isn't any!!!
    Thanks Stephanie.. that's a great idea..will google/check out other pages .. think my muses are just hope so..glad you like the skates.. yes new techniques will be fun..didn't realize you hadn't done an art journal either. this will be great fun once we get into it I'm sure...
    Thanks Melinda.. it is nice to be back.. hope it lasts... it's just a little community sale.. but will be nice to set up and sell a bit for the first time since christmas..see what's lurking around.. always feel like I don't have enough... till I start to pack it to it's hard when everything is mostly one of a kind...
    Hope everyone has a lovely day!! not sure I have anymore to say for a
    I appreciate your comments .

  10. Yayy! You're back! So glad the internet is working again :) The skates are adorable!! It's the first time I've seen them! Too cute :D
    Have fun!

  11. I have posted on my new blog, actually- yay, I love my new blog! :D

    Oh, and I forgot to add- in that photo, Chaya looks so much like my cousin Mackenzie I'd almost think they were the same kid! It's too funny!

  12. Thanks Jordan..glad you like them...
    Whoo hoo Taylor.. will check it out.. really? they look alike.. well they do say everyone has a twin

  13. Those skates are so much fun! I'm also a bit worried over the sketchbook but am just trying to take it one spread at a time and not freak out. I like the idea Stephanie had for having an art journal for sketch ideas for the traveling books. That would be a great way for me not to "lose" my ideas throughout the year.

  14. Yup, there's just something about that photo of Chaya that makes me think of Mackenzie! Yeah, I've heard the twin thing, too. :) I wonder where my twin is...? ;D

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