Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day off...

I have the day off today.. had a lovely trip into the city yesterday.. it hit 15c which was gorgeous and perfect for a road trip.. good  music, sunshine.. what more could you ask for..... unfortunately today it's 6c so far and now it's raining..lol good day to stay in and hopefully get something accomplished. I did hit a Goodwill store.. too early for all the new goodies from spring cleaning but a couple of nice things.. love the wooden butterfly and this jug is just too cute..and the label will wash off...and there are the pie plates and kettle from the weekend.. all those teapots in the background are half done.. would probably be a good thing to finish today...lol
Inspiration Earth is having a giveaway for one of her fabulous clipboards when she reaches 100 sales on Etsy... so check out her Simply Smitten shop and maybe you will be the lucky one.. hurry though.. she's at 99 sales already!!!!
I redid the Friendship coffee sign...and added some homespun...
I am a week behind on the challenge over at I am the Diva but here is my Mooka for last week... I love this tangle.. and will be using it alot I think...never mind the colors.. was trying out some of my new water color pencils.. lol
I am excited though.. I finally started my first pages in my journal for the Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbooks... can't show you yet though.. soon I hope...
well off to get something done.. don't forget to check out Inspiration Earth...
Have a great day...


  1. Nice haul! *G* And your tangle is lovely, too.

  2. Wow, look at all those great things in that photo! And I love that tangle... great job! :)

  3. Nice Mooka, Kathy! Lovely colors.( You`re to late a little bit *lol*)

  4. your one busy girl, good to see you joining in the challenges, there are so many now....

  5. Sounds like a fabulous day off Kath... nice goodies too... love your new tangle...

    Jenny x

  6. Hey you, how was your sandwhich? LOL
    Nice chatting with you today, sure was good to hear from you. Shrine is on the table staring at me.
    Love your tangle and all those goodies on the table. Better get painting, show is coming up real fast.
    Take care and off to check out that giveaway.
    Les xo

  7. It's been around 15c for a few days here too! Yay! Me and Riley have been outside every day all day ;)
    It's somewhat cooler today... but I think tomorrow is supposed to be lovely! :D
    The Friendship coffee sign is adorable :) Great job <3

  8. Morning...thanks Christine.. going to need a new room for all this stash soon...lol thanks on the tangle.. loving this one...
    Thanks Taylor glad you like the tangle.. love those goodies too..
    I know Devona.. thanks..but had to do it anyways.. especially after I saw what some had done with it...
    thanks Jen.. they are fun.. couldn't believe in a whole week didn't have time to do one...lol glad we got to catch up a bit last night...
    Thanks Jenny.. it was nice to have a day.. didn't push anything.. needed it..and throughly enjoyed it..
    Oooh Les.. can hardly wait to see that little shrine in person... it was nice to catch up too.. it's been awhile.. sandwich was good.. finishing book was great..got some things ready for tomorrow.. hopefully will paint quickly..lol
    Thanks Jordan.. it turned so cool and windy later on in the day.. so not nice this morning.. don't think it will get that warm for awhile again...sigh.. but was nice while we had it..lol
    thanks everyone.. appreciate you stopping in and commenting...


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