Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Hump Day!!

Good morning... it's sooooo cold here this morning.. that nasty wind started up late afternoon and is still blowing this morning.. took the temps down to -15c ...brrrrrrr so much for There is so much water everywhere here right now.. imagine fields with water so deep that there are whitecaps with this wind.. we are lucky our place is fairly high and we are wet but nothing like this... here's a pic of the road and field between our place and our neighbors... what road you say???  and look.. just the tops of the fence posts showing in their field...
These are fields.. not actual lakes.. and they were taken yesterday.. arghhh I changed the month on my camera.. now the date is screwy.. sheesh.. crazy thing....
Otherwise had a loverly day.. finished my book.. sorted all Katie's Cows bills and am ready to enter them in the computer.. (accountant called again promised him next week for sure..) have some things based and ready to paint on.. and did my challenge for this week over at I am the Diva... you were supposed to do your tangle in 15 minutes.. no more no less.. so no color but did a few of my fav ones ..didn't get time to outline it so is kinda looking like it may go on It's the first time I used that Sakura pen.. liked it but when I erased my string.. the ink smudged in one spot.. not impressed.
It's back to work today..2 - 9:30.. yuck...but am liking this week though..I  don't work again until saturday so am starting to feel rested and not so harried... a good thing!  So the plan is to get things ready to paint tomorrow before I head off today...Ooh and I also sold one of those Love is boards and the lady is picking it up today at work.. always a good feeling...
So everyone have a lovely day.. thanks for stopping by..


  1. Fabulous tangle... but those roads look horrific! EEK!

  2. OH MY on all that water!
    A time limit to tangle...that is a challenge...yours turned out great!

    Stay dry and take care dear Kath!

  3. Thanks Taylor.. good thing it's not a road we need to but it's crazy with water right now around here..
    It was a challenge.. I couldn't believe how fast that 15 min went Patty.. am staying dry.. no worries.. xx

  4. Looks like you’re stuck on an island in the middle of a lake xD That stinks!! How did you possibly get so much water??? Rain or melted snow!? Haha, anyhoo, your tangle looks fantastic!! I don't think I'd be able to do something like that on a time limit… too much pressure ;)
    Jordan <3

  5. That's a good thing you don't need, but WOW is that a lot of water! It makes me think of one time we were camping, and it rained so hard half the campground flooded. Our tent was like a waterbed three inches off the ground, and after the rain had stopped the campers next to us used a kayak to gather up their stuff! It was actually a cool experience. But you've still got more water now than we did then!

  6. Cool tangle!
    ...OMG at all that water Kath! Hope you can swim my friend!! No seriously, take care and keep safe while driving!
    Jan x

  7. Wow, tons of water! I hope those winds die down soon, that would warm things up a bit! Hope you get to painting soon, always love to see your work. :)

  8. Hi Kathy, there may be a lot of water, but WOW, what an amazing landscape and place to live - it just couldn't be any more different from the built up area where I live.

    Hope the weather improves for you very soon x

  9. Oh Katie, I must ask google, because i don`t know what is "hump day" *lol*...I´m so foolish...

    Your Tangle is nice, i love your simply lines and you own way to draw.

    Wish you at the earliest possible date a WARM spring. It`s to cold in Manitoba...brrrr...

  10. Hi everyone.. have missed
    ahh Jordan that is all from snow.. but we did have 4 inches of rain 2 days before it snowed..thanks glad you like my tangle.. have you tried tangling yet????
    Too funny Taylor.. can just see it.. one time when we were camping.. it rained so hard.. that it formed a rut down the side of the hill.. and right thru my friend's tent.. wasn't funny at the time.. but later..
    thanks Jan.. glad you like the tangle.. and no worries.. the water is slowly going down.. too cold to
    Thanks Melinda.. wind died down some but still soooo cold here.. and I am painting!!! feels so good..
    Hi Sherry.. yes it is lovely..very open for the most part and will be gorgeous once everything is green..I hope so too .. although there is snow predicted for tonight.. sigh
    Hi Devona.. did you find out what hump day is? lol no worries.. probably just a silly north american saying.. am glad you like my tangle though.. and yes warmth would be sooooooo wonderful.. tired of being cold and wet already..
    thanks you all made my day!!!

  11. Eek, that sounds horrible! But I bet you love talking about it now. :) Thankfully our tent managed to stay mostly dry, even with all the deep puddles around. ;)

  12. lol yup it was like a river going thru.. funny now though.. but wasn't too nice at the time as everything got so wet.. 4 kids in the tent so you can imagine...

  13. LOL yeah, I bet it was quite an experience! ;)


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